O'Hui Spa Nonhyun
Country Seoul, Korea
Venue Ohuispa Nonhyeon, 27-2, Nonhyeon-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea
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About Us
Whoo SPA is loved by celebrities throughout Asia.
The spa uses advanced spa facilities and techniques for a powerful and peaceful healing experience. The treatments range from targeted areas to full body. Each treatment package comes with an expert spa therapist and a 1:1 spa consultation to provide the best service for each individual. Home care samples may also be given for certain after-service treatments.

Operating Hours
Every Day: 1000 - 2200
* Last Reservation: 2000

How to Use
You can present either a printed or a mobile voucher for this activity.
The voucher is valid only on the date and time specified.

If you would like to change the date and time of your reservation, please contact our Customer Service.

1. Additional on-site orders/purchase items will be paid by the guest.
2. Please make sure to reserve according to the admission time.
3. No cancellation is allowed after the booking is approved or confirmed. Only pending bookings can be cancelled.
4. Depending on how quickly the merchant gets to us, it will take 72 hours to approve or cancel the booking.
5. Please make sure to bring your Passport for verification purposes.
6. Tickets cannot be sold or transfer to the third party.

Facial Care 70 min
Based on the resonance silk, it completes the quenching skin of the queen that seemed to be moist. Use the Su-Yeon line after the royal court to balance the water content and enhance the moisture. A program that prepares sensitive skin to make it transparent and moist.

Management Content:
Cleansing → Soft Peeling → Oxygen Pore Deep Cleansing → Decollete Lymph Circulation Management → Facial Manual Technique → Ampoule Treatment → Playing by Skin Type Modeling Pack → Playing Essence Cream → Finishing
Refresh Care 100 min
After the heavenly resonance silks and wild ginseng rhizome were used only for the king and queen, A program that gives vitality to tired skin and relaxes shoulder muscles to relieve pain and improve blood circulation.

Management Content:
Body Care (Hand + Aroma Oil Massage) → Cleansing → Soft Peeling → Oxygen Pore Deep Cleansing → Facial Manual Technique → Treatment Ampule 777 → Playing Modeling Pack by Skin Type → Playing Essence Cream → Finishing
Special Care 120 min
A program that prompts the skin improvement effect by using the premium line of Hu Jinsheng incense line filled with the essence and the supply of moisturizing and nutrition.

Skin Problems: 1 Custom Care (Facial Reduction, Lifting, Whitening, Trouble, Pore)
Secondary Care (Hand, Aroma Oil, Stone or Special)
3 Lower Body Air Armor

Scalp (Scalp Massage)
Secondary Care (Hand, Aroma Oil, Stone or Special)
3 Lower Body Air Armor

Use of product after each line _ Management Contents:
Sculpt Treatment → Body Care (Hand + Aroma Oil, Special) → Cleansing → Soft Peeling → Oxygen Pore Deep Cleansing → Special Problems → Special Ampoule Treatment → Recreation Modeling Pack for Each Skin Type → Lower Body Air Corrector → Regenerating Essence Cream → Finishing
VIP Care 150 min
Special Care (Face) + Body Care (Back, Legs: Hand + Aroma + Stone or Special)
Using the premium line of the sky after it contains the precious essence of Heavenly Silk Court, which is a precious ingredient with vital vitality, it adds deep nourishment and moisturizing shine to the skin, A VIP program that improves your body through body care that cleans up your exhausted muscles and waste.

Management Content:
Scalp Treatment → Body Care (Hand + Aroma + Special) → Cleansing → Soft Peeling → Oxygen Pore Deep Cleansing → Special Problems → Special Ampoule Treatment → Reproduction Modeling Pack by Skin Type → Lower Body Air Serum → Restore Essence Cream → Finishing
Queen Care 180 min
Special Care (Face) + Full Front and Rear Body
Management (Including Breast Enhancement, Abdominal Slimming)
This is the ultimate premium after-party program that alleviates the traces of time with the quintessential Vibil and 70 rare herbal ingredients. It also improves the shaking of fine skin caused by age by the best premium oil line.

Management Content:
Scalp Treatment → Front and Back System Management (Including Breast Enhancement, Abdominal Slimming, Hand Massage + Aroma + Special) → Cleansing → Soft peeling → Oxygen Pore Deep Cleansing → Problems Special → Premium Ampoule Treatment → Premium Pack → Lower Body Air Mermaid → Finishing
Aroma Body Care 80 min
Facial-Free Body Care Course
Body Management (Back, Legs: Hand + Aroma + Stone or Special) + Scalp Massage
A body-dedicated program that quickly restores body condition through body and body management that cleanses, wraps, and cleanses wastes and wastes by aromatherapy and stone (or special) therapy.

Management Content:
Rear Full Body Management (Aromatherapy + Stone or Special) → Lower Body Air Mermaid → Sculpt Treatment (Scalp Massage) → Finishing