Seoul SPA 1899 Gangnam Store (Formerly Jung Kwan Jang SPAG)
Country Seoul, Korea
Venue KT&G Tower B2F, 1002 Daechi-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea
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About Us
Cheong-Kwan-Jang SPA 1899(SPA G) delivering the energy of red ginseng

Korea Ginseng Corporation(KGC) started its red ginseng business in 1899(in the 36th reign of King Gojong) when the Samjeonggwa(Ginseng Management Division) was set up within the royal palace of the Korean Empire. Since then, KGC has inherited and developed its legitimacy under the prestigious brand, called “Cheong-Kwan-Jang” However, trust is not born from a time-honored history or tradition alone. We have maintained our top position because of tour meticulous quality control that standardizes the entire process: from growing ginseng to manufacturing the final product.

KGC Ginseng Corporation, Korea's leading ginseng company, has been manufacturing 6-year-old red ginseng for 6 years and has been developing various products through the red ginseng brand.
It gives your skin valuable beauty.
In 117, perfected the heritage of the chief veterinarian who has stubbornly adhered to the craftsmanship of the red ginseng in the last decade, revealing the mysterious skin effect of the 6-year-old red ginseng wrapped in veil for thousands of years. The red ginseng condensate, which is the core moisturizing ingredient of Dongin Bee, is not the red ginseng diluted in purified water. It is a red ginseng condensate collected by condensing 1 drop of water vapor which seems to explode the moisturizing energy of red ginseng by high temperature steam of red ginseng.

Operating Hours
Weekday / Weekend : 0900 - 2300
Last Order : 2000 - 2100
* Free parking is available.

How to Use
You can present either a printed or a mobile voucher for this activity.
The voucher is valid only on the date and time specified.

If you would like to change the date and time of your reservation, please contact our Customer Service.

1. Additional on-site orders/purchase items will be paid by the guest.
2. Please make sure to reserve according to the admission time.
3. No cancellation is allowed after the booking is approved or confirmed. Only pending bookings can be cancelled.
4. Depending on how quickly the merchant gets to us, it will take 72 hours to approve or cancel the booking.
5. Please make sure to bring your Passport for verification purposes.
6. Tickets cannot be sold or transfer to the third party.

Single Care Program

The original single program only available at Cheong-Kwan-Jang SPA G is made by taking only merits of therapies developed from traditional medicine and folk remedy of Asian countries. The program allows you to receive intensive care separately on face, body and head.
Multi Care Program

Our package program is a program that allows you to take precise reasons for tiredness and receive appropriate treatments. Check out the various programs and choose the program that suits you, and you will be able to recover your condition more effectively.
Full Care Program

It is a facial & body treatment package using six-year old red ginseng that you can experience the effectiveness of red ginseng deeply. You can find this package only at Junggwanjang SPA G.